Last update : 02/03/2018

In addition to the general conditions of use, a set of rules (hereinafter referred to as "Charter") has been put in place in order to ensure an user-friendly atmosphere and unreproachable code of conduct of members (hereinafter referred to as "Charter", and both the Charter and the General Conditions of Use will now be referred as "General Conditions").

Your profile

Each registered member has a unique profile that allows other members to identify the user while connected to all proposed services (hereinafter referred to as “Profile”).

The Profile is a compilation of all information relevant to a unique member, such as but not limited to, published messages and own published pictures. In order to optimize the chances of being contacted by other members, we strongly advise all members to ensure that all requested information in their profile is populated.Members are required to ensure that all profile information is authentic and reflects the reality of their persona at all times.

Members are reminded that racist, violent, degrading and shocking comments/ content/ images that may offend other members are forbidden in any and all areas and services offered on the site and may result in the termination of their account.

Members are also reminded that sharing personal information such as their last name, phone number, email, address or social media addresses, to any member is forbidden and may result in the termination of their account.

Each member is accountable for the content in and published by their account and should ensure that no plagiarism or unlawful use of content present.

Should a member infringe any of the conditions mentioned above his account will be either blocked or terminated and no request for refunds will be accepted.

Your pictures

In order to be awarded a “public” status on the site, photos uploaded by members must be validated by the Website mediators. The Website strives to proves requests for photo in a timely manner. All submitted images should be on JPG, GIF or PNG format and such not exceed 2MB.

Mediators will review all uploaded content and check for a match of the profile description. Any non-conformity will result in the refusal of publication. Members that have had their content refused several times, risk having their account blocked or terminated.

Photo Type Profile Album
Portrait pictures
Full body pictures
Sexually suggestive
Nude/ sexy pictures
Crooked or poorly framed pictures
Pictures protraiting genitalia
More than one person on the picture (excepted for couples)
Group pictures
Pictures of objects, nature, etc
Celebrity pictures
Shocking, violent, racist, religious or illicit pictures